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First of all, I greet you to the official site of the enterprise on behalf of all the colleagues of Jiebao. In the beginning of the site, there must be some insufficiencies, but we believe the site will be updated following the enterprise, to try to reach a perfect environment to all friends. I hope that you will be here frequently and provide your advices. 

Looking forward to the future, as you know, Jiebao will insist professionalization, branding, scale up the operation, and base on the strategy of innovation and leading, by the ways of capital operations as cooperation, acquisitions, and going public to achieve the diversification for related businesses; and work hard for the leading place of the industry on the planet.


To achieve the strategic blueprint, the support of all the old and new friends is necessary, we are willing to work together with our partners hand in hand, developing mutually and share the achievements.


Board Chairman: