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Zhejiang Jiebao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of direct-coupling, piston-reciprocating, fixed, mobile, screwing, non-oil, medium-pressure, high-pressure and natural gas compressors.

In recent years, based on its brand effect and comprehensive enterprise forces, the company has technically cooperated with foreign enterprises from Germany, America and Italy on the product development. Sticking to the enterprise philosophy of ‘Quality, Honesty, Striving and Innovation’, to build Jiebao products leading technology, best quality, the strongest performance in industry’s leading position, also make its contribution to the prosperity of national industries.

The company has a young and energetic team with intelligence, cultivation and technology. The brand has covered more then 80 countries in the world, and has established more than 400 sales networks in China.

Years of efforts and endeavors, scientific design orientation and individual brand establishing have made Zhejiang Jiebao realize greater breakthrough in global expansion, capital operation and cultural sublimation. The No.1 domestic brand of air compressor will finally be created through the implementation of the strategy of transnational operation.

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